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After 1 year of foundation ! its holidays finally ! Im hoping to do some photoshopping its been long.
ANd i see that the search bar is back on ! awesome ! :D
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WOAAH O_O this is soo freggin awesome.. i love the new design.. its really amazing ! good job dA ! :')
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Updating my journal after a LOOOONNNNGGG time.. i hav been quite busy with college and stuff.. maybe thats the reason..

ANYWAYSS.. almost 1000 pageviews :D  
4 more to go.
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After 5 months of college finally free.... for a little more than JUST A MONTH ! T_T
Painful .. :/ My First journal entry ever .. just updated my first ever avatar on dA too XD wheeee...
so thanks in advance to the people who shall and has already visited for the food :D
im currently practicing coloring .. and drawing with my tablet..

will update it a bit later :D
thanks for visiting my page :D

cya :D
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